On 5th of February we are going to have 2nd CodingDojo meeting dedicated to improve our JavaScript skills. The purpose of our gathering will be implementation of design patterns using JavaScript language. The good list of patterns could be found Wikipedia page. Please read the list before meeting :)

Links below are also good starting point for exploring JavaScript. At least skim reading of links below is required before Dojo.


We’re going to pair-program using TDD while implementing few of Software Design Patterns. At our previous retro we’ve chosen to use timeboxing for changing pilot/co-pilot. Let’s consider our participants gonna change every 5-7 minutes.

Time Description


Start and intro. Decide what exactly we gonna do, so-called Design Session


1st coding session start


Break and how it’s going discussion, maybe lunch ?


2nd Design Session


2nd coding session begin





Exact agenda timings are subject to change depending on our progress during Dojo.

Tools we gonna use

We will be using NodeJS as our JavaScript, Jasmine as TDD/BDD framework and IntelliJ IDEA. Although NodeJS is rich featured server-side framework we are intended to use it only as JS interpreter. More docs could be found at NodeJS

Jasmine BDD framework for testing in JavaScript. It has support for test suites, human friendly assertions, basic mocking support so its good choice for beginners like us :). Find more on their Docs page