Software development professional, team leader and technical lead with 12+ years experience of creating and delivering software solutions. Concentrated on product quality and continuous improvements in all fields, such as development processes, adopting leading edge technologies, building good team relationship and self-education. Agile engineering practices and development methodologies advocate.

Looking for opportunity of obtaining senior technical position in Java based technologies project. Interested in distributed, high-load and performance critical applications.

Qualification highlights

  • successful development of distributed multi-layer cross-platform applications, with massive integration of external services and providers

  • providing high availability and performance tuning of software solutions including web sites and standalone middleware applications

  • deadline management and project completion on time including startups, legacy application migration and unfinished third-party projects

  • successful transformation of development teams into self-organizing, cross-functional feature team by adopting and teaching SCRUM software development methodology and other Agile practices

  • hands-on worker attitude both for technical/development activities and management/business analytics activities as well

  • improving and injecting QA using continuous integration, test automation and TDD / BDD

  • strong communication skills, especially while managing issues between technical and non-technical team members


  • Master of computer engineering, diploma with honors. Department of computer and network systems, Chernihiv State Technological University, 1998 - 2003

Contacts and References


Infopulse Ukraine LLC

SMS SH (DEC 2015 - FEB 2016) - SMS blacklisting and routing service for mobile operator Golan Telecom

  • Technologies: Reactive Programming, Scala, AKKA Actors, AKKA Http, REST, JMS, Apache Camel, Groovy, Gradle, Spock, JIRA, Jenkins, Docker, Cassandra

  • Team: 4 developers, BA

  • Role: Team Lead, Architect, Developer

  • Responsibilities

    • Team Leading and customer communication tasks

    • Implementing design to achieve low latency and scalability

    • Throughput measurement and optimization

    • Creating deployment artifacts and deployment to customer’s site

Oberthur Technologies TSM SP v5 (MAY 2013 - DEC 2015) - platform that remotely manages installation and life cycle of NFC services on secure elements (SIM cards, eSE) embedded in mobile devices, collaborating with external systems such as TSM MNO or KMS

  • Technologies: Polyglot Programming, Reactive Programming, AKKA Actors, AKKA Persistence, Scala, Java, Server Side JavaScript, Rhino, Jetty, Servlets, JSP, XML, SOAP, JAX-WS, Groovy, Gradle, Spock, JIRA, Jenkins, Docker, MariaDB, Global Platform, NFC.

  • Team: 3 scrum feature teams, dedicated QA and Integration teams, business analysts, ~25 peoples.

  • Role: Tech Lead, Team Lead, Developer.

  • Responsibilities

    • Adoption and injection of agile engineering practices

    • Implementing Global Platform Messaging and Global Platform Card specifications

    • Maintain project’s reactive and polyglot programming model

    • Collaborating with functional architects and business analysts on defining product architecture

    • Design and implementation of technical solutions using actor concurrency model

    • Supporting QA team on creating robust testing framework

    • Facilitating Scrum events and supporting team with Agile processes adoption

Ciklum - Playtech Inc.

WPL (OCT 2012 – APR 2013) - platform for creating online gambling web portals (as the company’s product)

  • Technologies: J2SE, J2EE, Tomcat, JSON, Portlets, Liferay, MySQL, Spring, XML, JAXB, WebDriver, Groovy, Spock, Gradle, Jenkins

  • Team: Backend and Frontend development teams, QA team, ~25 people.

  • Role: Backend Developer, Build engineer.

  • Responsibilities

    • Organizing build process using Gradle, defining release flows

    • Developing Liferay Portlets

    • Injecting TDD practices and tools

    • Collaborating with architects on defining platform components

    • Support for QA and Frontend teams

    • Creating end-user solutions based on WPL platform

SysIQ Inc.

Telescope.com (NOV 2011 - OCT 2012) - e-commerce portal based on OCP platform

  • Technologies: J2SE, J2EE, Tomcat, JSP, JSTL, MSSQL, Spring, XML, JAXB, WebDriver.

  • Team: ~7 developers

  • Role: Tech Lead, Team Lead, Developer, Agile practices coach

  • Responsibilities

    • Working close with local and offshore project management

    • Face-to-face communication with customer representative and requirement analysis

    • Architectural solution design and implementation

    • Adoption and injection of Agile engineering practices

    • Establishing unit, integration and functional testing of delivered product

    • Coaching team member for adoption of OCP platform

Luxoft Eastern Europe LLC - UBS Investment Bank

SSENG Clearing & Settlement (2009 – 2011) – Middleware and FrontEnd software for stock exchange market, providing means to process, clear and settle stock exchange trades, manage their lifecycle, gather reports and datas about status of trades as well as integration with external banking systems

  • Technologies: J2EE, RMI, AOP, Spring, JMS, Oracle, GWT, GXT, AJAX, JSON, Groovy, Grails, WebDriver, Junit, Hibernate.

  • Team: 10 distributed scrum teams of ~10 engineers each, PO team consisting of business analysts and subject matter experts, global production support team.

  • Role: Scrum Master, Team Coordinator, Software Architect and Developer

  • Responsibilities

    • Scrum process facilitation and coaching

    • Architectural solution design and implementation

    • Unit, integration and functional testing. TDD/BDD/ADD adopting and coaching

    • Face-to-face communication with customer and requirement analysis

    • Communication and demonstration of developed software to end-users

    • Maintaining continuous integration

    • Release preparation and delivery support

Chas XXI Ltd.

FreedomInput.com (2008 – 2009) – Bluetooth Keyboard driver, Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 driver and GPS software for BlackBerry phones

  • Technologies: J2ME, Bluetooth, RIM API, GPS, HTTP, REST.

  • Team: 3 Developers.

  • Role: Developer, Architect, QA, Build Engineer.

  • Responsibilities

    • Design and implementation of system architecture

    • Interaction with hardware modules using Bluetooth

    • Working in background mode as driver

    • Interaction of driver and UI modules

    • Adoption and testing of software for all major versions of RIM OS

    • Interaction with social media as Facebook and Yahoo

Video Streaming Server and Visualization (AUG 2009 – OCT 2009) - HTTP proxy solution for online video to increase logical bandwidth and number of clients bandwidth using proxying of streams

  • Technologies: Spring, REST, Restlet, HTTP/MIME parsing.

  • Team: 3 developers.

  • Role: Team Leader, Developer, Build Engineer.

  • Responsibilities

    • Team leading

    • Design and implementation of system architecture targeting best performance and scalability results

    • Memory consumption optimization

RDT600 (AUG 2008 – MAY 2009) - Hardware monitoring and visualization tool RDT600 for SICK AG

  • Technologies: Java EE (JMS, JSP/JSTL, Stripes), AJAX, DHTML/JavaScript/YUI, Spring (JDBC, Security, AOP, Testing), TDD (TestNG), PostgreSQL

  • Team: Project Manager/Business Analyst, 2 Architects/developers, 5 Developers, Testers/QA.

  • Role: Architect, Team Leader, Developer, DB analyst

  • Responsibilities

    • Team leading

    • Design and implementation of system architecture

    • DB structure creation, analysis and optimization to achieve extra performance

    • YUI/JavaScript framework adoption

    • TDD adoption control and coaching

Eset.ua (MAY 2007 – SEP 2008) – Business and financial management system for Ukraine branch of ESET company. Distributed peer networking application for distribution files required for ESET company products.

  • Technologies: Groovy, Grails, JavaScript, AJAX, Java EE, Spring, JPA, Spring Security, PostgreSQL, REST.

  • Team: 4 Developers.

  • Role: Team leader, Architect, Developer, Build Engineer

  • Responsibilities

    • Design and implementation of system architecture

    • Adoption of Grails and Spring Security frameworks

    • UI development

    • Team leading

Prydbay.com (JAN 2007 – DEC 2009) – Online Store of communication topups and online games. Processing and billing layer for different payment systems to provide uniform interface for e-shops and similar projects

  • Technologies: Java EE, REST, Spring, JDBC, PostgreSQL, Grails, Groovy, XML, JSON.

  • Team: 4 developers.

  • Role: Team leader, Architect, Developer, Build Engineer

  • Responsibilities

    • Design and implementation of system architecture.

    • Team leading

    • Grails framework adoption and coaching

    • External service providers integration

    • Performance analysis

    • Integration with various electronic payment services

Cloncom.com (JAN 2005 – DEC 2008) – E-commerce solution for selling electronic communications topups, related services and products. High performing RESTful API service providing cached product catalog. Legacy platform rewrite.

  • Technologies: Java EE (Servlet Container, JMS, JSP/JSTL), JAX-WS, Java SE (Threading, Sockets, Concurrent Programming), Spring (IoC, AOP), JPA, PostgreSQL, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, REST, PostgreSQL, OSCache, MemCache, REST, XML, JAXB.

  • Team: Distributed team comprised of 6 Developers, 2 Designers, 2 QA, 2 System Administrators.

  • Role: Team leader, Architect, Developer, QA, Build Engineer.

  • Responsibilities

    • Design and implementation of system architecture

    • Team leading, offshore customer and team members communication

    • Integration of payment systems. (PayPal, Verisign, GlobalCollect etc)

    • Development bridges between system core and external service providers using custom XML/ HTTP communications and Web Services (SOAP)

    • Integrating with Asterisk and providing IVR solutions

    • REST architecture adoption

    • Performance analysis and improvements

    • Legacy codebase support

AAA (JAN 2004 – JUN 2004) - Billing and network traffic accounting system

  • Technologies: Java EE(Servlet Container, JSF, JSP/JSTL), PostgreSQL.

  • Team: 4 developers.

  • Role: Developer.

  • Responsibilities

    • Architecture analysis

    • Integration of data from external sources

    • Web development and JSF adoption

Mobile Games server (AUG 2003 – DEC 2003)

  • Technologies: Java SE (Network, Sockets), J2ME, MySQL.

  • Team: 3 developers.

  • Role: Developer.

  • Responsibilities: Data exchange between cell phone and server, UI development.

Newsletter engine (FEB 2003 – JUN 2003) – Corporate offline messaging exchange system

  • Technologies: IIS, ASP, VBScript, MSSQL, Stored Procedures.

  • Team: 5 developers.

  • Role: Developer.

  • Responsibilities: creating reusable components and reports for UI.